About Us

PBH Global is a Risk Management company formed in 2020 by highly experienced security professionals. PBH Global specialises in risk management and mitigation, threat assessments, and the design and implementation of security strategies at corporate level.

As security specialists, we understand the issues and procedures of security. With this in mind those of us who have spent years within the industry take it upon ourselves to educate those who wish to empower themselves by learning more about this field.

Our corporate head office is located in Pretoria, South Africa. The company also provides training and mentoring, intelligence training and support, contingency operations, security operations. PBH Global offers a wide range of security services and security solutions.

PBH Global is a risk management company which:

Endeavors to enhance safety and security.

Enable sustainable growth.

Economic development and prosperity on the African continent.

What we do:

Evaluate the military or police current capabilities.

Provide a holistic overview on equipment.

Refurbishing of existing equipment and training in the various divisions.

PBH Global provides a unique service in which we train selected military and police members in leadership and management

PBH Global provides a holistic approach to personal protection.

All aspects which could impact our client’s safety are reviewed and analysed.

Former police and military personnel with integrated training and experience in commercial and hostile environments are used on our projects.

Our mobile team personnel consist of:

Qualified and highly experienced ex-military and specialised police members.

Enable our clients to move safely and securely in hostile, high-risk and volatile environments.

Our transportation methods are safe and are suitably configured to meet the client’s requirement.

PBH Global provides armed convoy security for high-value cargo being transported by air, land, and sea.

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