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Risk Management

PBH Global’s ultimate goal of Risk Management is to improve any business performance through systematic identification, assessment, and management of related risks. This could vary from the reduction of threats (downside risk) to the exploitation of opportunities or favourable possibilities (upside risk).

Risk Management consulting services help our clients to:

• Understand and mitigate the risks faced by their


• Identify, manage, and mitigate current and future risks

through our tailor-made solutions to their specific needs.

• We have extensive experience in delivering risk

management consultancy to both government agencies

and commercial organisations. 

Risk Identification determine which risks are likely to

affect your business. Aspects to consider are:

  • Origin of Risk
  • What effect will it inevitably have on a business?
  • What are the mechanisms underlying this risk?

Risk Assessment is quantifying and evaluating the probability of risk event occurrence and the impact of the risk on a business. Risk Assessment addresses issues such as what can go wrong in a business, how likely is that to happen.

Furthermore, it involves the actions that one might take (proactive or reactive) as well as identifying the inadequacies in the response to the risk.

Intelligence and Gathering

A intelligence-gathering network is a system through which information about particular entity is collected for the benefit of another with more than on interrelated source. Intelligence, as we see it, is typically privileged information intended for a particular audience. We at PBH Global are an intelligence driven organisation.

This is the ability to think, to learn from experience, to solve problems, and adapt to new situations. All security clients will receive holistic intelligence solutions that will give the client piece of mind and a stress-free environment.

Intelligence follows strategic thinking. This includes careful and deliberate anticipation of threats and vulnerabilities to guard against. Ultimately, strategic thinking and analysis lead to a clear set of goals, plans, and new ideas required to survive and thriveing in a competitive, and changing environment.

Close Protection Officer (CPO)

Closed Protection Officer who operate within this sphere are the most dedicated and are mostly recruited because of their previous military and or law enforcement experience, where they underwent strenuous tests, specialist training and screening enforced by state institutions.

All our CPO staff are carefully selected and have specialised training in executive protection, advanced driving, appropriate medical training, and are top marksmen.

PBH Global specialises in high and low profile protection.

Anti-Home Invasion Techniques(Training)

The basis of any home invasion is quite simple. In short, a home invasion means that your house is invaded. This may sound very redundant, but it is true. A targeted home invasion is an aggravated invasion in which the intruder is motivated by the victim’s personal or material possessions of his victim. This is not done randomly but usually requires more planning and a more sophisticated approach to attacking victims based on the knowledge previously acquired about them.

So what is the easiest and most direct way to prevent your home from being invaded? The easiest way to prevent a home invasion is to take active measures to make your home impenetrable to any unauthorised person who might attempt to gain access.

The most important weapon you can use against crime is not the best alarm system, the biggest gun, the biggest dog, or the highest fence. Your common sense, your way of life, your vigilance, and your preparedness are worth more than any other weapons in the fight against crime than all other weapons combined. By paying attention to your surroundings, you can detect future home invasions. There is no single method or habit that works well enough to deter burglars from targeting your home. It is a combination of several important security measures and habits that may very well save your life and that of your family.

We can train and prepare you on the following:

At home:

  • Outside and inside observations
  • Readiness while driving
  • (what to look for and what to avoid)
  • Arriving at home procedure
  • Plan, Prepare and Protect

Training at home:

  • How to be safe in one’s own house
  • What to do during a home invasion
  • Non-lethal weapons


  • All electronic media.

Wildlife Protection

Anti-poaching is an organised activity to counter the poaching of wildlife. However, it is generally used to describe an overall effort against the illegal wildlife trade. The act of anti-poaching is normally carried out by national parks on public land and private security companies on privately-owned land. Anti-poaching takes many forms and depends mainly upon the habitat being protected. Typically, it is the act of actively patrolling land to prevent poachers from reaching the animals.

Rangers are the first line of defence and perform various tasks. Patrols make up the majority of a rangers' time. Different organisations adopt different strategies to patrols, which are typically based on the animals under their protection. Rangers only protecting a few animals may be tasked with protecting one animal per squad. This only occurs for large mammals as other animals are generally difficult to track each new day. To make this task easier, tracking devices are employed. For smaller animals, or to protect all animals in a given area, rangers patrol the boundaries of the areas.

Few will ever witness, much less understand, the true horror of this merciless scourge. For those committed to end this war, and a war it is indeed, fought by proxy on behalf of those who are unable to defend themselves, it is merely a question of gaining the resources necessary to achieve the results that will end this disgraceful practice. The use of aircraft is common among the syndicates operating across our country, hence, dependable mobility is key to rapidly respond to a call for assistance. Many kilometers of rugged terrain must be covered in relatively short periods of time in order to provide maximum coverage to these territorial animals.

Birdlife: Marion Island

PBH Global got involved with a birdlife protection project located at Marion Island. The Mouse-Free Marion Project (MFM Project) is a partnership between BirdLife South Africa and the Department of Forestry, Fisheries, and the Environment. The NGO BirdLife SA and its mission are supported by 40 affiliated regional bird clubs throughout South Africa. By the end of 2021, 16 of these clubs had supported the MFM Project by sponsoring a total of 69 hectares.

BirdLife South Africa’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Anderson, has issued a New Year Challenge to the 24 clubs that have not yet sponsored a hectare (or more) towards eradicating Marion Island’s albatross- and petrel-killing mice The MFM Project receives funds from a number of sources.

One source allows members of the general public to make contributions through the Sponsor a Hectare initiative, which has set a target of raising 30 million South African Rands towards the total funds required. A milestone reached last month was the project’s receipt of its 1000th sponsorship.

Surveillance and Counter surveillance

We at PBH Global know that most criminal acts involve some degree of pre-operational surveillance. PBH Global professionals, who have work surveillance operations have received in-depth training in the South African Police and South African National Defense Force. This includes many hours’ exercises, followed by field training with experienced surveillance operatives.

Our professional surveillance team makes use of a variety of fixed and mobile assets, including operatives on foot, in vehicles, and on aircraft.

Electronic Countermeasures may include electronic methods such as “bug” sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening


Logistics and Procurement

PBH Global Mission is to deliver a world class remarkable experience in the Tactical goods industry.

Our passion for quality, innovation, and safety added to our high-quality, tactical based products combine in a hassle-free experience for the buyer. All items are supplied to the End User’s/client’s specifications. PBH Global specialises in equipping the active soldier, operative, police person, or security person with products that are manufactured to the highest standards that assist in day-to-day functions. Products include uniforms, footwear, tactical gear, ballistic gear, optics and night vision, water purification systems, tents, field kits, law enforcement equipment, access control, and communication systems.

We strive to serve our customers from the beginning to the end. Whether it be advice before a purchase, after-sales support, or help with upgrades on an existing product, our highest priority is always our customer. All products have MOQs (minimum order quantity).

Products are supplied according to the client’s and End User specifications and manufactured to Mil-Spec. where required.

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